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MSD Health Insurance Society

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If you become sick or are injured due to the actions of another party

You can undergo treatment covered by health insurance for sickness or injury attributable to the actions of another party, as in the case of a traffic accident. However, in such cases, you must submit the Notification of Injury or Sickness due to a Third-party Act as soon as possible.

If you have been in a traffic accident

Applies to: Insured persons or dependents using health insurance to treat injuries or other sickness caused by traffic accidents
How to apply Please download the document below and send it to the designated recipient.
Required documents:
  • Certificate of the Automobile Accident, etc.
Deadline: As soon as possible
Address inquiries to:

MSDKK and MSDGK Employee :MSD Health Insurance Society
MSD AH KK Employee・ORGANON KK Employee・
A voluntarily and continuously insured person:MSD Health Insurance Society


If you are insured by voluntary insurance, you may be able to receive support for the preparation and submission of certain documents, such as the “Notification of Sickness or Injury Due to a Third-Party Action” and “Report on the Occurrence of Accident”, etc., from your casualty insurance company. For details, please contact your casualty insurance company.

  • ** This support is available only for traffic accidents away from the job for which you used health insurance.