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When you incur high medical care costs

The copayment for medical care costs you can be required to pay is capped. If your copayment calculated based on a certain standards exceeds this maximum, the excess amount will be paid as “High-Cost Medical Care Benefits”.

When you want to reduce the amount of medical care costs you pay at the medical care institution

Applies to: Insured persons or dependents who expect to pay more than their Cost-Sharing Maximum Amounts for medical care costs incurred at the medical care institution over one month
How to apply Please download the following document and send it to the designated recipient by post mail.
※There is no in-company mail box to Value HR, Health Insurance BPO Center, send it by post mail.
Required documents:
Deadline: As soon as possible
Address inquiries to:
Notes: You can use this system for both inpatient and outpatient costs.
※According to the Standard Monthly Remuneration ( insurance premiums calculated based on a standard value ), if the Cost-Sharing Maximum Amounts does not exceed the amount, it will not be applicable for High-Cost Medical Care.
No need to apply for Maximum Co-payment Certificate. ( See the Description Page. )
Even if you did not apply, for those who become eligible for subsidies for high medical expenses, the subsidy amounts will be automatically paid together with their salary into their payroll accounts, about three months after the month of medical care. (If you are a voluntarily and continuously insured person, it will be reimbursed to registered account. )